Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our practice.

What types of cases do you handle?

Our firm handles all kind of criminal cases—from misdemeanor crimes to murder. No matter what your charges are, you need an experienced former prosecutor on your side fighting for your rights.  

What should I do after an arrest?

The first thing you should do after you have been arrested is ask for a lawyer.  Under no circumstances should you agree to allow law enforcement officials to question you without a lawyer present.  

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Misdemeanors are minor criminal offenses that are punishable by no more than 12 months in jail. Felonies are more serious criminal charges that can be brought by the state or federal authorities and the punishments vary.  Importantly, felony convictions may result in a loss of your right to vote and impact the ability to hold certain jobs. Certain felony and misdemeanor convictions can also impact the ability to obtain student financial aid.  However, a good lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to have felony charges reduced to misdemeanors.

What are the penalties for conviction on my case?

The penalties upon conviction of a crime will depend on what you have been charged with. Penalties can range from fines and probation to significant time in prison. Often times the penalty imposed will depend on the effectiveness of the lawyer you hire to represent you.

Will I go to jail?

Not all criminal convictions will result in prison sentences. Whether you go to jail or prison depends on the nature of the crime committed, the facts and circumstances of surrounding the offense, and your criminal history. Come speak with us today about the allegations against you so that we can determine the likelihood of a jail sentence for you if you are convicted.

Can you help me get my charges reduced or dismissed?

Yes. We always strive to obtain the best possible outcomes for our clients. This often includes getting charges reduced or dismissed altogether.  

How much will you charge to represent me?

The fee charged for your case will depend on the crime or crimes you are charged with. Know that when you hire this office to represent you, you will get more than just a lawyer to show up in court on your behalf. You will get an aggressive, experienced, former prosecutor fighting tooth and nail for you. We work tirelessly for all of our clients in an effort to obtain the best outcome in their cases.

When should I hire a defense attorney?

When faced with any criminal charges, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you have not yet been formally charged with a crime, an attorney can still protect your rights and provide you with important advice and counsel. Let us review your case, explain your rights under the law, and discuss the best options for fighting your charges